MADMIA Bright, Colourful and Crazy Knee High Socks

MADMIA Bright, Colourful and Crazy Knee High Socks

MADMIA Playful, Crazy Socks... Making Life More Fun, Exciting & Colourful

 MADMIA is an Australian based brand that creates playful, crazy socks that are bright and colourful. Wearing MADMIA socks provide children and adults the ability to inspire creativity and promote self expression in a fun and exciting way.

Life isn't meant to be boring! All MADMIA socks are vibrant and full of sass style and colour, so which style suits you? A skater unicorn? A dinosaur who is a basketball fan? A super cute pair of puppy socks with fluffy floppy ears? Or maybe a bright and colourful mix match set of knee high socks? 

The MADMIA ethos is, ‘Why fit in when you were born to stand out?’

Madmia Sock Sizes:

Kids & Adults Socks

Our most popular size. These socks are 'one size fits most' and are suitable for most people aged 6+.

Toddler Socks

Most suitable size for children aged 3 - 5. If your little one is about to turn 6 soon we would recommend buying our standard 'Kids & Adults' size (for ages 6+).