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September News

Welcome to spring!!! Bring on the warmer weather and hopefully less bugs and illness.

Here at Rockabeez Gifts and Toys have been busy stocking up on our favourite brands in the preparation to our super busy Christmas period... Have you had a chance to think about your Christmas gifts ideas yet?

This month Montiico have released a few new products; Montiico Tumblers with Straw and the Montiico Bottle and Can Coolers- these will come in very handy as the weather warms up!


We have been able to source quite a few new Jellycat items this month as well as update stock on some popular favourites. 

Jellycat Fossilly Stegosaurus Small (super popular)

Jellycat Stardust Small

Jellycat Inky Small

Jellycat Beige Bea Blossom Small

Jellycat Blue Bunny Medium

Jellycat Large Cream Bunny

Jellycat Plum Bunny Medium

Jellycat Silver Bunny Medium