Montiico Insulated Lunch Bag Sizes

Not sure what sized lunch box you need to keep your child's lunch box cool all summer? Here is a great size guide to help you decide!

Montiico Lunch Bags come in 3 different sizes

Large, Medium and Mini


Montiico Large Lunch Bag Size and Fit

The Large Montiico Lunch Bag is the most popular of the Montiico range. It is a fantastic choice for school aged children as it can fit a wide variety of lunch boxes and in some cases multiple lunch boxes. 

Montiico Large lunch bag measurements:

 Inside: 28cm x 23.5cm x 7.5cm          Outside: 29.5cm x 24.5cm x 10cm     Weight including Ice Pack: 775g 

Montiico LArge Lunch Box LLBC Montiico Large Lunch Bag LLBC large and smallMontiico Large Lunch Bag YumboxMontiico Large Lunch Box BBoxMontiico Large Lunch Bag Yumbox TappasMontiico Large Lunch Bag Montiico Large Lunch Bag Montiico Large Lunch Bag Love MaeMontiico Large Lunch Bag sistema



Montiico Medium Lunch Bag Size and Fit

The medium lunch bags are more lightweight and compact than the large lunch bags. This size is prefect for those children starting Kindy/Prep. They are the perfect size for a couple of smaller snack boxes or one lunch box. They also fit into smaller school bags.

Montiico Medium lunch bag measurements:

 Inside: 21cm x 23.5cm x 7.5cm          Outside: 22cm x 24.5cm x 9cm     Weight including Ice Pack: 415g 

Montiico Medium Lunch LLBC largeMontiico Medium Lunch LLBC smallMontiico Medium Lunch Bag BBox snackMontiico Medium Lunch Bag BBoxMontiico Medium LunchMontiico Medium Lunch Go GreenMontiico Medium LunchMontiico Medium Lunch YumboxMontiico Medium Lunch Yumbox small



Montiico Mini Lunch Bag Size and Fit


The mini sized lunch bag is a handy little bag perfect for a park play snack or when you need to keep a small sized snack box chilled. These mini lunch bags come with a handy clip which can attach the handle to backpacks or prams.

Montiico Mini lunch bag measurements:

 Inside: 15.5cm x 18.5cm x 7cm          Outside: 16.5cm x 19.5cm x 8.5cm     Weight including Ice Pack: 275g 

Montiico Lunch Bag Mini LLBCMontiico Lunch Bag Mini Size Guide BboxMontiico Lunch Bag Mini Size Guide YumboxMontiico Lunch Bag Mini Size Guide bottle